Day 1: March 22nd 2008

Hi! My name is Jamie. I own over 220 websites, yet I dont know how to do HTML. I rely on my fiance and business partner to do all of the technical stuff. I think it may be time for me to learn....

So, I'm just now trying to learn HTML and here's how its going. This will be written like a journal.

When trying to format an "About Us" page, my fiance told me to "put a table around all of that text" and I'm thinking "What the freak is a table?!?!?!?!" After he showed me how to do it, I still have no clue really what a table is about, but here is a table in case you ever need one:

<table width="500" class="medium">

The width and class (font size) can be changed and that's all I pretty much know about it.

The only things I know very well are when and where to put breaks which are <br> and paragraphs which are <p> and how to make words bold <b> and italic <i>. These are what you call "opening tags." The alligator mouths with the / are the ending to the special font change. This is what is called "closing the tag." Here are some examples of how you would use the bold and italic tags:

<b>Put Your Text Here</b>

<i>Put Your Text Here</i>

The text inside these tags will be bold or italic, but the text outside of these tags will not be.

So after bothering my man a million times with the question of "how do I do a link again?" I finally decided to put it in my info file, which I use as a reference for misc things. Here is how you do a link in the HTML world:

<a href="">Angry Preacher</a>

That is an actual one I did today. So if you want to keep a template for yourself you could use this one:

<a href="Put Link Here">Write Your Text Here</a>

My brain is burnt for the day so that's it for now.